Social and economic situation of the Municipal Formation

The Mostovskoy district is located in the foothills in the south-eastern zone of the Krasnodar region. The total length of the borders is 375 km, among them 197.5 km with the Republic of Adygeya, 42.5 km with the Sochi district, 8.5 km with Abkhazia, 87.5 km with the Karachayevo-Cherkessian Republic, and 40 km with the Labinsk district. The territory of the district is 369.9 thousand ha.

The district is characterized by moderate continental climate as on the temperature regime. The average annual temperature ranges from +10 ∞C in the north to +8 ∞C in the south, the average temperature of the coldest month (January) is -5,8 ∞C, and that one of the warmest month (July) is +29 ∞C. The frost-free period lasts 180-199 days. Winter is moderately mild with unstable snow cover.

Our district has a foothill and mountain landscape with the highest point of the Krasnodar region Ц Tsakhvoa mountain (of 3,345 m height). Here, you can see the emerald green forests, blue high altitude lakes with unearth colours, bottomless canyons with rapid crystal clear rivers.

There are vast reserves of oil and gas (Barakayevskoye deposit), gypsum and limestone (Shedokskoye deposit), glass sand (Shedokskoye and Khamketinskoye deposits), salt (the field in Shedok village), sand and gravel mixtures (Perevalnenskoye, Shedokskoye and Tsentr-Labinskoye deposits), and many other mineral deposits on the territory of the district.

The total population of the municipal formation Mostovskiy district equals 70,3 thousand people.

The economically active population makes 23,6 thousand people, including, those involved in the economy by types of economic activities:

  • agriculture 7,7 thousand people;
  • industry Ц 2,3 thousand people;
  • construction Ц 1,6 thousand people;
  • wholesale and retail trade Ц 4,9 thousand people;
  • other types of economic activities Ц 7,1 thousand people.

The industry-specific priorities of the strategic development of the municipal formation Mostovskiy district are as follows: industrial production, agriculture, health resort and tourist complex.

The industrial sector of Mostovskiy district is represented by 8 large and medium-sized and 22 small enterprises (legal entities).

The number of those involved in the industry makes 2,3 thousand people. The volume of shipped in-house produced goods, performed works and services made around 5,4 billion rubles. The main consumers of the industry: LLC "KNAUF GYPSUM KUBAN", LLC "Gubsky brick plant", LLC "Mineral Horse" and others.

The agro-industrial complex of Mostovskiy district is represented by 219 peasant & farm agricultures, 16117 private households, 3 (OJSC) and 18 (LLC). The number of those involved in the industry Ц 7,7 thousand people. The agricultural production volume for all agricultural producers made 4,8 billion rubles. The main enterprises are: LLC "South-Agro", LLC Pedigree Stud Farm "Labinsky", OJSC firm "Agrocomplex named after Tkachev", LLC Agrarian Firm "Mostovskaya", OJSC  Agrocomplex "Gubskoye" and others.

The health resort and tourist complex Ц complex of Mostovskiy district Ц is represented by 29 facilities. The number of those involved in the industry Ц 0,23 thousand people. The total number of tourists over 2017 made 226,3 thousand people, of which the number of vacationers at collective accommodations across the territory of Mostovskiy district Ц 35,1thousand people. The main enterprises are: treatment & diagnostics complex "Berezki", hotel complex "Emerald", recreation facilities: "Aqua-Vita", "Pearl of Foothill", "Rasputin", "Old mill", "Silicon Baths", tourist facility "Voshod" and others.   

The amount of raised investments into the district economy over the last five years made around 3,0 billion rubles.